Friday, February 18, 2011


hi everyone. so i finally got started on this here blog thing. when i came up with the idea of bibimblog i really didnt have a solid direction on how things will go. i had some ideas. recipes, interviews, product reviews, stupid shit ( and i mean STUPID STUPID shit )....

i can work with that.

and obviously, this is a work in progress.

people that have seen my old blogs and other internet pages know im all over the place. one day im composting kitchen scraps in a worm bin and the next im dancing at some club with kids half my age. wherever this may go, all i can promise is that, love it or hate it, it will just be me.

and as a bribe to keep you coming back for the first real post (drum roll please)....

first post will will a recipe post. garlic roasted crab (confit method)


  1. another awesome blog name wouldve been GRAND OPENING.... you know them korean restaurants that keep them signs out there for years

  2. Bring on the stupid shit xanga bitch!

  3. aj is so asian. he said xanga..... wait, i think i still have my lifetime membership!!!

  4. Yay, Euge is back at it! Nice, nice... posting the garlic crab goodness. Yes, If I'm willing to go through allergic reactions to eat your roasted crab and noodles, it MUST mean it's the shiznit. And it was. Can't wait to see what you're going to post next!

    P.S. I love the blog name!

  5. thank mo!!!! yeah, im going at it again. im planning on making this the one that sticks! stay tuned for some interesting stuff!