Wednesday, March 2, 2011

garlic noodles... aka what do i do with all this crab butter!!!

so after making garlic crabs, the confit method, you will have a shit ton of this garlicky, crab buttery, ummmm, butter mixture leftover. i put this away in a glass tupperware in the frig to use for the next batch of garlic crabs BUT I ALSO USE THIS TO COOK!

when you think garlic crabs, you naturally think garlic noodles. thahn long, crustaeans and ppq dungeness island has made us think this way.

ive tried all sorts of recipes and techniques..... parmesan cheese, fish sauce.... tried them all. this recipe/technique works amazingly.


take a spoonful or so of the crab butter mixture... NOTE when you put the crab butter mixture away in the frig, the fats will solidify and "float" and the garlic will drop to the bottom.

get both the garlic and the fats.

add in oyster sauce.

add in white pepper and black pepper


noodles... a note about noodles. ive literally tried about a hundred or so different style, types, brands of noodles and ive settled with..... fresh pancit.

the chinese market near my place has these and i think they work just fine. ive also used all sorts of pancit noodles and they have been fine. yeah... so basically, any pancit noodles.

cook these noodles in salted boiling water for a few, then add the noodles to the heated crab butter oyster sauce pan.


THATS IT. im telling you. this is usually the big winner of the night. ive had discussions at lengths about garlic noodles and this technique vs others and 90% of everyone has said this by far is the best garlic noodles theyve had. and its this easy?!?!?!

of course id add some chopped green onions or chives.... hell add in some of the garlic roasted crab meat....

trust. this will disappear in a blink of an eye. 


now this crab butter and oyster sauce recipe can be adapted to veggies! i love using this recipe for snow pea leaves, pea sprouts.....

heres the changes...

rinse the veggies.

add the veggies. it will water down the sauce with its natural juice. no worries. cook the greens until it reaches he doneness you like. i like them slightly wilted yet with a nice bite.... remove from the pan but keep the sauce in the. let the sauce heat in the pan by itself and reduce the sauce. stir it occasionally to prevent it from burning. top the veggies with it.

this will disappear just as fast as your garlic noodles.


  1. Hey~ what happened to my comment? :o(

  2. Ironic I am reading this post this morning. Last night at Benu, they had a fresh noodle, shrimp roe, tarragon and chicken jus dish that was so good. I'll post the photos soon, but it totally reminded me of it when I read this post.

  3. fruitface. deleted comment? im checking the register of comments aka gmail and theres nothing there! btu i do try to work on this when im drinking sometimes... god knows what can happen then.

    lisa, something about fresh noodles. it always gets my attention. that sounds like a lighter version of this uni pasta thing i make. shrimp roe? man, they must spend HOURS gathering that!

  4. fruitface, that comment you left about moist meat, its ther other post, about garlic crabs not this one!