Friday, May 20, 2011

day time drinking aka my other full time job, wait what locally made whiskey?

well not so much anymore. i got all responsible and stuff as of late. long gone are the days of playing who can get the most passed out drunk fastest at 10am. long gone are the days of "can i get four grey goose chilled please... no, in one cup."

but that doesnt mean you still cant have fun.
the other day, i had an opportunity to do something ive always wanted to do but just never got around to it.

anchor steam brewery tour!

anchor steam brewery has been an sf local since sf was a city. its old school sf.

personaly, i love anchor steam beer. i always have. after this tour and tasting.... theres more to love.

the tour itself was pretty informative. im kind of a history buff and i love trivia. i am the king of useless information. but i did not know the theories behind the name of anchor steam...

on our tour, joe was our guide. homie knew his stuff. we started off in the tasting room, im assuming partly for logistics as well as for the teaser effect. joe introduced us to the history of the brewery, its owners, the building.... and where anchor steam is heading now.

i learned quite a bit from this little quick and dirty history lesson. who knew anchor steam had an award winning small distillery onsite? rumor has it, it will soon be more widely available. their award winning whiskey had me REALLY intrigued. a local whiskey thats supposed to be good and i havent heard of it, let alone tasted it!??!!? i need to find some!!! wait, how small production is it? oh.... ok, thats why i never tasted it.

anyways, keep an eye out for anchor steams single malts! you heard it here first. if you see it anywhere, grab some.

so back to the tour. we walked through the first set of doors into a room with three huge copper containers. this is where it all starts. magical ingredients mixed and heated up with magical sf tap water. the first step of the magical process begins.

the tour proceeded and we saw where the magical mixture of ingredients goes through the different stages of frementation....

and one of my favorite stops of the tour. the hop box room.... yeah. hop box. did you know the hops used to make beer is a distant relative of cannabis? yeah. go to a hop box room and see why the brewers give it the nick name hop box.

i loved the magical bottling room. watching each of those bottles fly by, for a moment i thought about the life of each of those bottle. where it started from. getting filled. sent of to a loving adoptive parent.... almost brought a tear to my eye.

we were led downstairs to the cooling rooms. this is what i think of when i hear a brewery. giant containers of cold beer. ahhhhh yeah.

after a very informtaive 20 30 mintues or so, we were led back to the room where it all started. the tasting room. ahh man. this is gonna be good.

and it was.

we were led through all the current offerings anchor steam had to offer, from the lighter summer beers, to the their foghorn that makes a man out of anyone.

do yourself a favor. go to their website. sign up for their FREE tour. make a nice afternoon out of it. its worth a try.

now i have anther motto to go along with one of my heros fmaous words...

"to alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems"
homer simpson

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