Wednesday, September 21, 2011

you really cant get more homemade than this

nice laquered tray of love from mom

you really cant get more homemade than this.

the peppers were grown on the "buh ran dah" or veranda or patio for you that dont speak engrish, in korea.

the daeng jjang was made by my mom. she cooked the soybeans, made meji and tada, homemade daeng jjang.

these peppers and kaen neep were preserved in this homemade daeng jjang for seven months.

now i know you can find ban chan at the local korean market.... but this? like comparing local organic milk with powdered milk.... like dominoes artisanal thin crust pizza.

i just had to share this.

i like visiting my mom.


  1. i want a korean mama to feed me delicious things.

  2. stay tuned, thebibimblog youtube channel content will be up soon so you can become your own korean cooking mama.

    and i havent forgotten your request for a how to to make daeng jjang (korean miso).... my neighbors are gonna LOVE the aroma of frementing soybeans!