Friday, April 27, 2012

survivor mud run? aka piece of cake, now to something more challenging

somehow, i convince myself i was in shape at one point in my life. i cant really remember when it was or if i am letting myself get tied up in a distorted sense of who i was, but yes, i was in some sort of shape before. i think.

over the past 5 years, after my 30th birthday, things have been getting bad. a big gut, tired all the time, barely run a mile... if even that.

ive been saying i need to get into shape for way too long. ive been putting this off for way too long. the longer i wait, the harder it will be.

the other sunday, the better half of bbb somehow convinced me, along with a couple other friends of ours, to do a mud run. i was thinking this was going to be hell and theres no way i could do it..... survivor mud run.


after the "race" i was reminded why i say this one thing all the time.


"youre life doesnt suck, you do"

dont complain. dont make excuse. do it. and do your best. if you fail? who gives a shit. do it again. or do something else.

the survivor mud run is something nearly anyone can do. its a simple 5k run, a FLAT run, with a few very simple, easy obstacles.

the event itself was a fun outing, something out of the ordinary, that made it a fun sunday, but what i took away from it was worth way more.

take that buffalo wing out of your mouth and get the hell off the couch and do something. anything. take the dogs for a run, ride your motorcycle, go make that planter box youve been wanting for months....

stop making excuses.

make your life worth it.

sooooooooo... now, yes, we are considering do this...

tough mudder

this WONT be a nice sunday walk.. this is serious stuff.

first thing on the to do list before this event, lets get some real running shoes and train so you can run 13 miles.

grabbed a pair of decent running shoes last night.

lets see how this goes.

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