Friday, July 1, 2011

seoul sausage

so a buddy of ours moved down to los angeles and started up a business making these hybird sausages.

i thought it was a good idea.

then about a year later, i finally tried them.

ok, correct that, hes freaking brillant.

seoul sausage company. the name hints at pretty much what it is. korean bbq, kalbi, bulgogi, ddae jee bulgogi..... these things all come to mind. ok, so you stick them meats into sausage form.... i get it.

no you dont.

its not until you actually eat one until you really get it.

so homie needed a hand with some manly man work stuff and i just happened to be available, actually, one of my employees was. i was probably working or something... no really, i do work.

he gave a little ice box full of some of his goods in return. nice.

so one night, i pull a few of them sausages out and decided to try them.

i never couldve imagined ten years ago that i would be eating kalbi in tube form

i had a pot of al chi gae (spicy pollack roe stew) going so i just popped these two bad boys into there to simmer a bit. hell, if a brat could benefit from a hot beer and onion bath, kalbi in tube form should do well with its other brothers.

fully cooked? yes. done? no.

these guys need a bit of color. into the broiler they went. a few minutes on each side.

*basic cooking info warning!!!*
so why didnt i put them into the broiler in the begining? well, other than the tiny bit of seasoning a hot bath in the al chi gae might give, simmering it under lower heat help thoroughly cook it. if i have put it under a high heat broiler, the outside would be burnt and the middle raw. pretty easy stuff.

now theyre ready

wow. delicious. super tasty. totally get that whole kalbi thing going. the spicy ddae jee bulgogi one was freaking good too. 

i just kept thinking, why didnt i think of this? this is super tasty... and the real brilliant side of this whole thing? this is super round eyes friendly.

ive had a lot of round eye friends tell me its quite intimidating walking into a korean restaurant. unfamilar foods. not the friendliest staff.... strange scents... wait you cook your own food?....

well this is korean food in a round eye friendly form. everyone knows hot dogs. round eyes would go nutz over this. easy to eat. no chopsticks. in a form they are used to. flavors they want to explore.

mr seoul sausage. i salute you. good job. good luck. and its awesome you can do what your doing. go on with your badass self.

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