Friday, June 24, 2011

ch, ch, ch, chia.... seeds?.... health food?

so i caught a bit on local tv about local companies that made a big impact in popular culture..... yeah, the san francisco bay area has got a few of them....

one of the surprising ones.....joseph enterprises.

while the companys name might not ring a bell, nor the underdog story of the owner making it big.... some of their products, i bet you bought them while you were hella drunk one night in the dorms.



yes, they have a chia obama and joseph himself presented one to obama.

and my personal favorite that i use almost everyday, the ove glove!

well anyways, joseph was talking about the crazy random chance encounter he had at a random anytown usa mart were he was introduced to a clay pot you spread some seeds on........ the pottery that grows... and worldwide success it became.

you know you had one.... i had four or five through the years. ive spread the seeds on walls.... in bathrooms... yeah they grow!

towards the end of the segment, joseph was saying that hes taking the chia brand into a whole new market.... wait what? health food?

yes. chia seeds are nutritious. very high in omega 3s..... yes. you will be eating ch ch ch chia seed products very soon. you heard it here.... you WILL BE EATING CHIA SEEDS!!!!

the other day, we were grabbing random drinks from whole foods...... grab something i thought was pomegranate juice...... oh no...

whats this?

yes, this is a chia seed drink.... rehydrated chia seeds is one of the main ingredients..... yes rehydrated chia seeds... like when you put your seeds in water for your chia pet!!!! hahahah well, im sure they roast the seeds first or something.... chia pet in your stomach?

so how was it? well the juice itself was good. the chia seeds? as my lovely tasting assistant told me... its like tiny boba....

yes. chia seeds. the health food, white people boba.



  1. We ordered the chia seeds in bulk awhile back. Since they don't have flavor and are really just about texture, I add them to overnight oats for Ryan. :) It's an easy way to sneak 'em in.

  2. I love Chia, i've been having them in drinks all of my life :-)

  3. Oh no way. And here I thought I found something new... I this how it feels to be white and discover America? Or maybe how an unnamed food critic, let's call him mb feels like when he discovered a new food trend in the sf bay area called izakaya dining?