Wednesday, February 8, 2012

man, what a productive day, aka, wait, i didnt do shit...

so yesterday was a very productive day for me. i got a lot of paperwork done, knock several items off my to do lists..... financials for a property i hardly manage, helping someone start up a business, stupid taxes, just to name a few.

it was the first day in awhile where i accomplished most everything set out to do that morning.

and right before i was about to congratulate myself for a job well done... i got to thinking....

maybe its because im older, maybe its because im noticing things beyond myself....(finally)... but...

sure i got to work at 630am, but my work day is over at 4pm. i was home by 415pm. sure i got a crapton of work done, but i realized something really important. a real man would do all that then come home, help the kids with their homework, help make dinner, clean up after dinner, play with the kids..... all before he even had a moment to himself.

still not quite there.

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