Friday, February 3, 2012

fresh, grilled...eel? aka ooooh i get it, its like korean bbq but with eels.

so one of the things i love the most about restaurants in korea is that there are so many places that specializes in things. a restaurant could have ONE single item on the menu like this place, and over years, sometimes decades, of repeating a successful formula, they put out an amazing product.

we found ourselves at a fresh grilled eel restaurant. think unagi, minus the sauce.

i really wish i couldve snapped more pictures of the place, but it was WAY too cold to be playing blogger/photog and besides, i was starving!

they have an area out in back of the restaurant where a guy preps the charcoal. i can imagine this guy, working away all day at his station, just getting the charcoal ready. its a quite often overlooked aspect of this restaurant im sure, but the successful formula requires this charcoal he produces. any backyard bbq grill master will tell you, the charcoal is very important.

they have a team of people prepping the eels. every filet a fish? yeah, imagine the skill it requires to filet an eel!

you grill the fresh eel table side, it really will remind of the korean bbq setup. a few leafy items, a few fermented items.... all used in numerous combinations of each other to compliment the grilled eel.

eel might sound like a strange thing to eat.... well if youre not adventurous, no problem, leave them to us... we will take it .

they will give you several dipping sauces, there the usual leafy greens with bean pastes, sliced garlic.... the fresh grilled eel is naturally a bit sweet, the flesh is soft and moist.... this is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to eat. 

do it

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