Thursday, April 14, 2011

anything you can do i can do better

not to be out done by her little snot nosed offspring, mama patiently listened to her grown ass boy as he went on and on about this awesome salad mix from a farm thats down the street from her house. with the love only a mother can know for her oldest and youngest and only son, she looked at his excitement with pure joy...

then like your typical asian mom she smashed it and stomped on it and let him know whos boss. she busted open her subzero frig (that i paid for of course) and pulled out this plastic bag of winning.

DUDE, is that minari? *korean watercress* whoa. i see it once in awhile. ive seen my boy big willy style had some growing in a bucket before... otherwise, its very hard to find stateside. american watercress is used in place of minari at most korean restaurants... but then again, i dont like to eat at most korean restaurants.

DUDE, is that puchu? *chinese chives* i know EXACTLY what im making tonight with this. puchu pajun. chinese chives mixed into a simple batter, pan fried. make a simple dipping sauce. tada. instant, healthy(ish) snack food... great with magul li or soju or beer.

fyi, magul li, soju, beer...not healthy(ish)

both the minari and puchu looked so healthy, so vibrant, so green and smelled incredible. you can smell the care that went into growing these.

DUDE... ok wait... ok nm..... i have no idea what this is. looked like frisee, but tasted a bit more nuttier and bitter than the usual frisee you find. it started off like a nice simple green, but the finish was a bit ummm different than what im used to. any ideas what this may be?

yeah, so back on point, not to be out done by her son, mama grabbed a bountiful harvest from a backyard farm somewhere in the san bruno mountains. apparently, she knows someone that has a huge backyard garden farm filled with all sorts of hard to find korean veggies. when i asked her where it was, she said, oh, its somewhere, dont worry. yeah. i get it mama. its your thang. go on with your badass self.

if you want the best, you need to find someone that puts the care and effort into it. your local megalomart is not the place to find something like this. you find cheap and although you can find good things on the cheap and there are hidden treasures there and of course, there is a time and place for your local megalomart, if you want the best, you tend to have to find people passionate about what they do. you need to find people who go above and beyond. obviously, this mysterious urban farmer puts some care into their work.

as for myself, im going to fence off a little area in my small urban patio, making a small urban farm. i am passionate about this. it will show. 

stay tuned!


  1. Chef wars! They should make that a new special like parents vs their kids. That would be awesome!

  2. thats a great idea. i wonder if i could convince mama to do this