Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little city gardens, aka the best kept secret in sf at this very moment

warning, cliche filled moment ahead.

its pretty hard to surprise me. ive seen it all. trust me. you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get the worm thats two eggs in a basket.

i stumbled upon little city gardens by complete chance. i was actually researching some of our local farms when i found the most local farm possible. how local? glen park local. if you were to roll down the hill from my parents house, you would land in little city gardens. ill go into more about who they are and what they do later, but for now, what i wanted to share with you is the box of joy i picked up from the folks at little city garden yesterday.

with the advent of the internet and websites like yelp, you sometimes want to hide things from people. you dont want to share. you still want to be able to get dinner reservations, you still want to be able to enjoy it.....

well with little city gardens, it is too good not to share.

what could possibly be this good?

a salad mix.

so purdy

yep a freakin salad mix.

people who know me well know im a meat and rice type person. growing up, veggies to me was the kimchee i ate with my meat and rice.

i loved this salad mix. so much i ate it twice last night.

how can i explain this? you dont really need dressing and if you do, just the simplest, light dressing possible. the balance between all the different greens and edible flowers make for harmonized event for your taste buds. i added a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil. simply delicious. each bit was a bit different then others. some times you got a more of this making it more nuttier. some times you got a bit more of that making it a bit more bitter..... it was quite delicious. i had to have a second serving. the second time around, i added a bit of ichimi for a little spicy kick. its hard to explain. if i was better at, i maybe i would be one of those weirdo food blogger types constantly talking about food.... wait a minute....

i wish i could do this salad mix more justice. it has everything going for it. its pretty. theres substance. theres excitement. its just really that good. i can see why an urban farm, a small local business, grew out of this salad mix. i can see why chefs from local restaurants want this for their menu. i can see why people get excited again.

im not sure if little city farms is quite ready to mass market this badboy, im not quite sure if thats the route they even want to take. i dont know if it will be available at a grocery store near you... but if you can get you hands on some. do it. add some salt and pepper and good olive oil and see what im talking about.... seriously. a guy with a freaking pig tattooed on his back is saying he loves this salad mix. its got to mean something.

now of course, little city gardens isnt only about a single salad mix. hell, little city gardens isnt only about producing a monthly csa box. what do i know? im just a loud mouth blogger eater consumer. im sure theres much much more going on and hopefully, ill get to all that in a future posting. for now let just see what else i got from the csa box.

pea sprouts
pea sprout? dude pea sprouts? HAHAHA i had to chuckle a bit when they were telling us what was in the box. i was (am) on this whole pea sprout thing. i LOVE pea sprouts. it seems you can only find these at your local chinese super market and to be honest, they arent usually the best quality. still, i buy them all the time. i sautee them with a bit of olive oil and salt or do that whole crab butter thing with it.  love pea sprouts.... little city gardens pea sprouts? yeah. the bizness

green (young garlic) and an herb i just cant remember the name of

green garlic? green garlic? no way. this stuff. i grew up on. it was on of my favorite things. chopped up, marinated in a spicy, sweet sauce and it becomes on of the best ban chans. more on this later also. you know this is going to become a ban chan this week!

id rather get this than flowers.

there was also nice little herb bundle that made the entire car ride a nice savory ride home.

this is what came with my first csa box from little city gardens. i cant wait to go visit the farm and see the operation for myself. i cant wait to see what else they got going there.

so quick lesson here? dont think googling random things is a waste of time. you never know what you might come across. i found an urban farm right by my hood where they grow and prep an incredible salad mix amongst other things.

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