Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter sunday trackday

new camera in hand, flip video in hand, cooler full of food, truck full of toys, we went to thunderhill for a track day with keigwins at the track. its the third year in a row that im doing an easter sunday track day. i think its offically a tradition now.

but this time around, we did it up right. we planned this thing awhile ago and it turned out great. we had a super abundance of food thanks to the likes of kevin of kevins noodle house. hahaha i passed you up man! so much so we didnt even get to the burgers i brought! no worries. my guys at the warehouse have lunches now. sammy and company brought some delicious turkish delights. i dont know what that lentil thing you wrap with lettuce was, but it was damn good.

i wanted to record all sorts of things. video of the pits. track side videos. i wanted to snap all sorts of pictures......i guess you really go forget things when you have too much fun.

i really wanted to document the experience so i could share it here, i mean, thats the point of a blog isnt it.... but theres always next time.

for now.

shiny side up


  1. Pretty cool. Too bad about the pictures and the video..what were your track times btw? Sounds pretty fun!

  2. Hahha my times? Slow point slow!!! I don't use a laptimer, no need just yet. Racing myself! I'm a total newb and I don't mind a nice slow pace!