Friday, June 17, 2011

dont be afraid to try something new, turkish sunflower seeds?

so the better half and i were strolling down the aisle at berkeley bowl west.

whats this? turkish sunflower seeds?

i love sunflower seeds. ive always been a fan. toss a handful in your mouth, crack them open. spit the seeds.

prior to my convincing, the gf didnt really understand why people ate them.

after a few handfuls, she was hooked.

so we were walking down the aisle and this reddish silvery bag catches her eye. we had to get them.

glad we did.

these arent like the sunflower seeds you find at your local gas station. first, they arent as small and plump. these are pale in color, long and slender. at first they were a bit harder to manipulate and eat, but you get used to it.

the seed themselves tasted WAY better. not sure if it has to do with the fact that the ones we are used to are mass produced, corporate bad people brand sunflower seeds, but these turkish ones were much better.

and these are WAY less salty.

just goes to show you, trying something a bit different is a good thing. surprise yourself. do something interesting everyday.

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