Saturday, June 18, 2011

how not to get your ass kicked by the police (tm chris rock)

let me just start by saying this... and i have been saying this for many years now.

america as a society is going down a very dangerous path. we are blindly giving away our rights as free citizens. we are blindly accepting illegal searches when we fly. counties left and right are passing laws allowing law enforcement to illegally search our homes....

people who are part of this movement say, if you arent doing anything wrong, why would you worry?

there are hundreds of cases every year, but let me illustrate the point that we can not allow our rights to be systematically take away with a clear cut example.

an avid bird watcher was arrested for possession of marijuana. she was carrying some dried sage to burn to purify the area where she was bird watching and to thank nature for providing its beauty. an ignorant cop gives her a ticket for possession of marijuana because his field test said it was. (note, the field test we pay for with our tax dollars showed this dried sage to be an illegal substance to further use our tax dollars to pursue the matter)

it shouldve ended right there. someone shouldve followed up and realized this was all bogus and the cop shouldve been reprimanded. instead, the da on the case, lies about sending it out to a third party for further testing, states on record that testing had been done and that the dried sage was in fact found to be marijuana and sends officers to arrest the bird watcher in front of her coworkers and clients. she is striped searched, body cavity searched, sent into jail and had to wait until her husband was able to bail her out.

it has been proved the da lied about testing the dried sage with a third party. it has been proved that the da lied. but according to the law, he is immune from any wrong doing as he is just doing his job. he did not do anything wrong.

but that being said, some of us free citizens act like complete morons that should be stripped of our rights.

im not saying this kid is.

im not saying the flight crew nor leo acted in such a way to systematically rob this poor little kid of his rights.


so there was a kid recently who got kicked off a plane flying from sfo to new mexico. now, i wasnt there to see what happened and even if i was there, eye witness testimony can be very biased so my account of what happens can be all messed up anyways.

from all the accounts you can read about or from the little bit of video that was recorded of the incident, what you can gather is this.

a kid walks into the plane with his sweats down passed his ass. hes wearing skin tight shorts. someone from the flight crew asks him to pull up his pants. the kids gets smart mouthed. the pilot asks him to pull up his pants. the kid get smart mouthed.

hes bounced from the plane.

one might argue, fuck the flight crews. we are giving them too much rights to run their planes like a prison. people have been bounced off the plane for saying "what the fuck took so long" when a passenger said it to another passenger after a long delay. a member of the flight crew over heard it. called the police. man is arrested. similarly, this kid did nothing wrong.

one might also argue, the kid did not do anything wrong, its perfectly reasonable to say his hands were busy holding his luggage, and the flight crew was creating an uncomfortable environment for him and he was protecting his rights.

ill just leave you with these wise words from chris rock.

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