Thursday, January 12, 2012

i remember when michelle phan was ricebunny from xanga... aka manly man man haul post

circa 2003, i was blogging on xanga about my nightly binge drinking, the newest restaurant i tried... rant and rave about some meaningless topics.....

wait a minute... i guess not much has changed.

michelle phan was a young asian gamer girl that blogged about how she loved digital art and about the latest game shes into.

fast forward, 2010, the better half, the other half of bibimblog, shows me some videos on youtube about make up tutorials, shopping hauls, fashion.... hey wait, is that michelle phan?

apparently, she done did GOOD for herself. she was one of the pioneers of the asian hollywood movement. she basically created an industry where literally hundreds of people are following her lead.

michelle made it big. six figures from advertising on her youtube channel? make up line through lancome? yeah she getting paid.......

but this isnt a post about her.

this is a post in response to something she helped created.

shopping haul videos.

the better half showed me these last year and seriously? i just wanted to kick most of these girls in the face.

"ooohhh i just bought this shirt, its so nice. it goes with this and that."
"i just bought the new mascara that works real well to make me look more like a whore!"
"i just received the naked pallet from the manufacturers that you can never get, neener neener"

OH YEAH?!?!?!?


manly man man shopping haul

so i needed to grab a replacement floor lamp for one that broke. no problem. its temporary anyways until we get some recessed lighting in that room.

the lamp was the reason i went.

being a manly man man, and this being a haul post, for the integrity of this blog, for the purposes of purely scientifical things, i picked up these must have items

its a pretty simple 20v cordless compact drill. my old cordless drill found a new home at my shop, so i needed to replace it. hell, it was a 10 year old cordless drill, it was about time i replaced it anyways. one of the things i didnt like about my old drill was that it was big and bulky. this is a nice sleek compact cordless drill. and hey, its got a belt clip.

but what happens when you need to do more heavy duty work?

i dont care how many volts, amps, how much impact your cordless drill produces. when you have a heavy duty job, you need a corded drill. i got some 5" x 1/2" anchor bolts i need to install on some pallet racks we installed in our shop recently... this should do it just right. 

of course i needed some other knick knacks. 1/2" diamond tipped masonry bit. grabit drill bits to extract stripped screws. and of course, you can never have too much wd40.

grabit drill bits is something everyone should have in their tool box. if you havent had to deal with a stripped screw, you will. and when you do, unless you got one of these, youre pretty much shit out of luck. these basically drill into and grab the stripped screw so you can extract it properly without damaging anything.

*this post was written while i smoked a cuban cigar, drank some single malt. i also scratched and spit alot*


  1. why yes, that is a np3 plus coated kimber custom II on the floor

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