Friday, January 27, 2012

you never had potato chips like this before, aka myung dong fried potato on a stick

so the myung dong area in seoul is a huge tourist trap shopping dining area. but unlike our our equivalents in the united states, these places actually have things a local would want to visit for.

for me, i love the food there. myung dong has some really amazing places to eat, but some of the best things you will find are from the street vendors.

maybe ive been hiding under a ddukboki tent, but ive never seen this.

fried potato on a stick!

so its real simple. 

but simple things tend to be the best, right?

you take a potato, spiral cut in and insert a long wooden stick. 

fry baby fry
roll it in some mystery seasoning *savory with hints of saltiness and sweetness*

enjoy the simple things


  1. Last summer at Foster City art and wine festival, a vendor had that spiral sliced potato skewer ($5 ish per) and seasoned with various spices and flavorings. Don't think they deep fried it, but it was nice and crispy. Good stuff indeed!

  2. im beginning to think that the old saying, anything on a stick is good.