Saturday, January 28, 2012

same same.... but different, aka maggi and sriracha

so we are in the middle of the middle of vietnam. central vietnam actually, da nang.

what do we do? go grocery shopping of course!

we wanted to check out what its like, so with a good lead from a resort staff member we hopped in a cab and get dropped off to what i would describe as a smaller korean style department store. its basically everything from tvs to makeup to prepared foods to a full on grocery store.

although the norebang (karaoke) machines looked cool by the registers (with customers actually singing), we hop right over to the food area.

i hear sriracha green is the new black

interesting. no rooster on the label. maybe its too gimmicky for these markets.

man, could you imagine being the sriracha guy? making a hot sauce thats as common as ketchup in where your from, selling a crapton of it in america, so much so that hot sauce basically means sriracha... well i guess it would be like being mr heinz!

this ones for my pinoys out there

soy bean flavored maggi? thats basically, soy bean flavor soy sauce with msg? interesting

kimhee and kimbap!

they call it the korean wave. all things korean, everywhere over asia. 

ahh crap. travel half way around the globe, stay in city where if you have consistent electricity its golden.... and you still cant get away from the crap they pump out of hollywood. 

luckily, im not the only weirdo that like to do things like this when i travel. bbb cofounder/cio/cto/chairman of the board, she likes it too, grocery shopping in foreign countries that is. 


  1. The Hung Dong cracks me up. Hehe...I wonder what that means. I'm so jealous btw that you are in Vietnam. Jealous!!!!!!!!!! Saw your all inclusive resort post too and made me even more jealous. Hate you mbworld & e46fanatic friend.

    Interesting about the maggi and sriracha.

  2. i totally cracked up when i saw that twilight poster. i really wonder if there are twilight fans in vietnam. "oh man, that edward, hes so dreamy.. pass me the sriracha popcorn please."

  3. Technically Maggi isn't soy sauce, that's why they have soy bean flavored maggi!

  4. ahhh see bbb is more than just a good place to waste time between coffee breaks, you learn stuff!so maggii isnt soy sauce?

    what? maggi is a european company?

    seriously, had no idea. interesting stuff!